About Omniflora


Omniflora was established in Germany in 1994 by an international team of highly experienced executives sharing a common vision: a progression from trading flowers in dry boxes, from trading through intermediaries to develop a unique customer proposition to offer fresh, directly imported flowers and bouquets which were carefully conditioned, packed on water and delivered according to the customer’s requirements using modern refrigerated trucks laden with product packed on Danish transport carts.

We recognised the increasing consumer demand for ethical, “Fair” products and initial development of this specialised market commenced in Switzerland in partnership with Max Havelaar, the precursor to the Fairtrade foundation. Omniflora has continued to develop the Fairtrade concept working in partnership with growers to assist certification at a number of farms in recent years. Today, Omniflora is almost exclusively involved in the trading of Fairtrade flowers sourced from FLO certified farms.