Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

As a Group, we have been growing, procuring, processing and supplying premium vegetables for over 25 years.

Flamingo and our supply partners work with over 3000 small scale vegetable growers in Kenya and Guatemala. We work with these growers, providing access to export markets and supplying the technical expertise they need to meet European and UK retailers’ expectations for GAP and GMP.

Flamingo was one of the first companies to have small scale farmers achieve GLOBALGAP certification.

All of the produce sold comes from farms and pack houses that operate to the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and these ensure that produce is grown and processed using procedures that ensure the safety of the fresh produce are in place. These are regularly audited by third parties including customers.

Flamingo Fresh Produce has successfully received Fairtrade certification for a group of 346 farmers in Kenya. This is the first such scheme in Africa, producing and selling Fairtrade fine beans. The scope of the Fairtrade standard is broad and covers GAP, Environmental, Health and Safety as well as Ethical aspects of the production process.